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Ashland Craft

Caylee Hammack

Lainey Wilson

Marcus King

Kameron Marlowe

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Music Venue Alliance - Nashville was founded in Fall 2017 and represents over 15 Independent Music Venues throughout Music City


Their Mission

"Our close-knit organization of passionate and fiercely independent music venue owners and operators are committed to retaining and nurturing the fragile, yet complex ecosystem of every individual aspect of our famous music scene here in Nashville, TN. We seek to enlighten, educate and heighten awareness of what it means to be truly independent, and in this mission of advocacy and renewed appreciation, we hope to ensure many more decades of passion-fueled small business success and prosperity."

Doditty campaigns raise funds for Doditty Foundation, a US-registered, 501(c)(3) public charity. 100% of donations go to Doditty Foundation, which will then grant the donations, minus fees and costs, to Music Venue Alliance Nashville.

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